Inspirational Jewelry by Ronaldo

If ever there was jewelry to make you feel as good on the inside as on the outside, ilovethatgift thinks Ronaldo is the one.

Each bracelet has an inspirational name.


“Romance”, “Pure Love” and Dance with Me”

Ronaldo sees his creations much in the same way the master sculptor saw his Art.


Ronaldo Infinite Angel™ Bracelet Two Toned 14K Gold & Silver Artist’s Wire with Pearls

As a Designer & Jewelry artist, Ronaldo has spent more than 100,000 hours honing his skills and developing his artistic skill, which has reached an unmatched level of perfection and distinction. Through superior workmanship, incomparable attention to detail, and his one-of-a-kind style, Ronaldo has become known as one of the premier, handmade jewelry artists in the United States.

A reminder of your Faith:


“Power of Prayer”, “Jesus Love Me”, and “Guardian Angel”

There are many reasons why people choose Designer Jewelry by Ronaldo, including:

Prestige: Owning a designer piece of jewelry is like owning a miniature work of art.

Higher Quality: Designer pieces are generally handcrafted rather than machine manufactured.



Ronaldo The Hero™ Bracelet 14K Gold Artist & Silver Mirror Wire Wounded Warriors Benefit


Ronaldo The Hero™ Bracelet


The Hero” bracelet is perfect for the hero in your life.

Each bracelet comes with a card explaining your new work of art.

Check in at to see all the wonderful designs Ronaldo has to offer, or to see all the wonderful lines of jewelry that we carry go to .

ilovethatgift is home to La Vie Parisienne, Mariana, Ronaldo, Simon Sebbag and so many more.

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