Cristina Sabatini

Timeless. Modern. Luxurious.


Cristina Sabatini is an innovative and passionate artist who has spent her life defining her aesthetic and expanding her world view.

Cristina Sabatini Natalie Satchel Epi Leather Handbag Cranberry Blush Removable Strap


Cristina Sabatini Brielle Crossbody Tweed Chain Flap Handbag Tan White Gold Fabric

Cristina began her career in apparel design as a teenager, and her success led her to open several high-end boutiques in Brazil before moving to New York to pursue her passion for jewelry design. Her unique perspective and entrepreneurial spirit have made Cristina Sabatini’s pieces sought after in dozens of countries, and her influence in the industry continues to grow. Her bold, vibrantly colored designs are heavily inspired by her travels across the globe, witnessing firsthand the beauty of both nature and human achievement through classical art and architecture.

Cristina Sabatini Earrings White MOP Eucalyptus Earrings in Sterling Silver Peach Kyanite

Cristina has been formally trained in the art of jewelry design and the techniques applied in creating the finest handcrafted pieces.

Cristina Sabatini Royal Sterling Silver Plated Earrings Aqua Blue and Clear Crystal


Cristina Sabatini Fleur De Lis Bangle White Blue Amethyst Swarovski Crystal

She works with a diverse, dedicated team of artisans to ensure that every piece she designs lives up to her uncompromising standards. With the success of her distinctive jewelry line, Cristina’s brand has now expanded into a line of handbags and accessories.
To see more wonderful Cristina Sabatini pieces, check out: is the home of Cristina Sabatini, Firefly, Liquid Metal, La Vie Parisienne, Mariana and Simon Sebbag.


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