All Women are Beautiful

I know this is not a new subject, but as I look through the fashion magazines for the latest and greatest, I am once again struck how tiny most of the models are.

Now most of us are not built like this:


Well, I am not built like this. I never have been. I have spent most of my life trying to look like this.

Of course, I do feel a little better since I found out that a lot of these pictures are touched up, photoshopped, etc.  Maybe I do look this… after some serious photoshop work.

Even early on, thin was in. This is from the 20s.


Remember Twiggy from the 60s?


I would like to thank some magazines for showing girls with curves.


Even better, someone that looks a little closer to me. This still may be wishful thinking, but it is closer than the Sports Illustrated magazine cover. I think these ladies are gorgeous.


Why does there need to be a special magazine for “plus” size women? These women are stunning.


All women are beautiful. We should build women up, not promote unrealistic ideas. Every shape and size is gorgeous. Small, medium and large. We all rock.

Take pride in who you are and what you look like. You are the only you out there. A one of a kind, special edition.

I have discovered it is about being healthy and happy, not about being a size zero.

So be healthy and be happy. Be the best you can be. Go set the world on fire.


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