Traveling – Pack Light

As I watch Agatha Christie’s Evil Under The Sun, I am struck by how different we are forced to travel in today’s day and age.


In these old movies, people dressed up to travel.  Porters fell over themselves to carry multitudes of trunks and suitcases.  Now, part  of this may just be Hollywood, but it certainly was a more glamorous time. Can you imagine trying to travel that way today? With airlines charging $15.00 to $50.00 per bag, you would spend all your money on baggage fees.

I know I am the queen of over packing. I don’t like to wear the same outfit twice. Now my suitcase can’t weigh more than 50 lbs? What is a girl to do?


Well with a little research I am slowly learning the art of packing light. I believe this is going to take a LOT of self control.

1. Make a list.


I am a wonderful list maker. The lesson is sticking to the list. My problem adding that extra stuff I may need at the end.

2. Bring a little detergent

A couple of articles said you can wash your socks and underwear out at night in the hotel sink. Not me. I am still going to overpack underwear. What if I am in an accident? I want my unmentionables washing machine clean.

However, if I am re-wearing some shirts and such I have no issue hand washing a t-shirt or two. Also a good idea to have in case of stains etc.

3. Layer

Apparently if you are going somewhere cold, instead of taking those huge bulky clothes, take the lightweight layers, As it warms up you strip them off and put them in your bag. I personally swear by silk underwear. Took them on my trip to Alaska, Lightest thing I took, thing I wore the most.

4.  Shoes…

Shoes add approx. 1.5 lbs each to your bag. Wow! OK, so wear your heaviest ones on the plane

The goal is 2 pair of shoes. 2? Really? Sometimes I take flats when I go out to dinner, in case my feet start to hurt. This is going to take some work.

5.  Go with a consistent color Scheme


When everything in your travel wardrobe matches everything else, you increase the number of mix-and-match options, and you don’t have to pack multiple belts or pairs of shoes

.  Black T-shirts, indigo denim button-down shirts and sand-colored or olive khakis are lifesavers, since they go with most anything clean that’s still left in your bag.

6.  Certain fabrics hold up better on the road. Wrinkle-resistant synthetic blends are one example. Which is also helpful when you roll your clothes to make them fit better in the suitcase. Rolling saves so much more room than laying flat. Who knew?


7.  Think small

There is no need to travel with full size shampoos, conditioners, etc.

Even I am good at this. If it is an option, use hotel soaps and shampoos. I am too sensitive ( alright, picky), however I do use the small travel size bottles. It saves a lot of room. Just make sure you fill up before you leave on your trip!

8.  Take advantage of the carry-on

This is where you can carry a couple of the heavier items to lighten up your suitcase.

But, most importantly, this is where you carry your jewelry and accessories to change up that monochromatic wardrobe. I am not monochromatic, I love bright colors. Lots of them.

La Vie Parisienne Catherine Popesco Swarovski Gold Stud Earrings Blue Purple Orange Green

La Vie Parisienne Catherine Popesco Swarovski Gold Stud Earrings Blue Purple Orange Green

Obviously you don’t want to travel with your fine jewels, but load up on some scarves, fun necklaces and bright colored Swarovski crystal jewelry. That weighs practically nothing, so you are still packing light and looking good!

Well, this seems like a good starting point.

I am going to put this in to practice on my next trip. I know it won’t be easy. Take it from a girl who needs to take a full size suitcase to see her dad in her childhood home who only lives three hours away. We all have to start somewhere.

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