Camping Anyone?

Summer has arrived.  Time to start planning your summer vacation.

Camping anyone? Now, I am not the first person you would think of when you say camping. I think the following 5 star hotel counts as camping. There is nature outside, right?


In the 70s my sisters and I went camping in a maxi van with my parents. I can remember my parents working every night on that shell of a van until it was perfect for camping. It had a table in the back that converted to a bed, plenty of storage and even sconce lighting.  Staying at great camping resorts in the mountains of the Carolinas. There were bathrooms and showers. Even then, I never stayed in the middle of the woods. I had some standards! (My mother had some standards…)

Fast forward to today, I don’t even like public restrooms. I go to Niemen Marcus in the mall because I think their bathrooms will be the nicest.

My last “camping” experience, is when my husband set up our tent (he won it in a raffle) in the middle of our living room to surprise me after a terrible day. It was very romantic, chairs with a small table with drinks and h’orderves , candles and music. The best part is we had air conditioning, no bugs and my own bathroom. That was fourteen years ago.

This is our tent.

This is our tent.

This is the kind of tent I need

This is the kind of tent I need

These days we have friends with RVS. Now I can handle that kind of camping. We stayed in the cabins at Fort Wilderness at Disneyworld in Orlando, FL. Fabulous. They had full bathrooms, a small kitchen and housekeeping service. Works for me.

Now this is a RV! I know I can camp in this.

Now this is a RV!
I know I can camp in this.

So, the other morning, I wake my husband up and tell him I have started a “Camping” board on Pinterest. I think I want to go camping in our tent. He opens one eye and says, “Who are you and what did you do with my wife?”

Our first adventure is going to be on our screened in patio with our nephew. We will pretend we are in a rainforest (sprinklers), and make smores . The best part is air conditioning and my bathroom is very close.

Always look beautiful.

Always look beautiful.

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Written by Karen Fauske

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