Jan Michaels Jewelry

This week ilovethatgift.com is featuring Jan Michaels Jewelry, modeled by Belinda Girmonde, PA-C,  and longtime member of our local networking group, Women in Bizz. http://womeninbizz.com/Home_Page.html

JAN MICHAELS _ logo500

The metal used in Jan Michaels jewelry http://www.ilovethatgift.com/products/jan-michaels is antiqued brass. Semi precious and natural stones are hand picked and hand cut. Each piece  is made by skilled craftswomen who assemble the multiple parts into furnished products. In a field, normally mass produced, these artisans care about what they make.

Belinda 3

Jan Michaels says, “The main concept behind my jewelry is antiquity and the essence of mysticism – the creative spirit. That is, each piece is an original, yet feels ancient with a modern sense of wear-ability. Each piece is timeless in the sense that it feels like it has just been unearthed, the remains of a long since gone civilization. Yet, it feels like a future fantasy ornament from a Mad Max film.”

Budha and Butterfly

Belinda is a certified Dermatology Physicians Assistant with Ocean Skin Dermatology in downtown West Palm Beach. http://www.oceanskindermatology.com/

Three Leaves

Belinda was born is upstate NY and practiced Dermatology in Burlington, Vermont for 8 years before moving to South FL. She now lives in Palm Beach Gardens with her husband Bill.  She has always stressed the importance of overall skin care. Everyone should come in for a full body cancer screening as part of your preventative health care routine.  Belinda specializes in cosmetic products including wrinkle relaxers such as Botox and Xeomin and fillers including Juvederm, Restylane, and Belotero.  She is forever continuing her education to bring the latest in skin care and cosmetic procedures.


As you can see in the pictures through out our blog, Belinda is a beautiful model for our Jan Michaels jewelry. Note, how this jewelry can go from dressy to casual and flirty.

We would love for you to check out this beautiful line at: http://www.ilovethatgift.com/products/jan-michaels


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