Elly Preston Jewelry

elly preston

Elly Preston began her jewelry business in 2005 in her Hamden, Connecticut home.  Elly has combined skilled craftsmanship with the artistic to create modern, sophisticated, simple and yet fun jewelry offered at a sensible price.

elly preston

Each item is selected and arranged carefully by hand, often incorporated with shells, silk threads, ribbons, and leather to show off the jewelry in its natural beauty. Elly’s appreciation and passion for color and texture is evident in her choice of gemstones, pearls and crystals. Her designs are like pieces of art. Each piece is unique and beautiful, yet does not compromise the original intent to offer exquisite jewelry at affordable prices.

With the successful growth of her business, Elly with her husband Scott as CEO, has re-located the office to Nashville, TN.

Elly now stays in constant contact with the Elly Preston factory in Thailand, who she considers extended family.  She takes several design trips a year to craft her ideas into works of art. There is always something new coming our way from Elly Preston.

elly preston

As you head to ilovethatgift.com to start searching for your new Elly Preston treasures, lets highlight a few.

I personally love the multi strand wrap watches. How fun are these?

Lunch 30

The Coastal Collection makes me want to throw on favorite beach attire and go boating.

Here are just a few more of Elly’s fabulous designs.

Elly Preston Bangles Elly Preston NecklaceElly Preston Bangles Elly Preston Necklace

Remember, anything can be custom ordered.

Now get shopping at http://ilovethatgift.com


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