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This week,, would like to celebrate another of our wonderful designer jewelry lines: Mariana.

The  artist and jewelry designer Mariana has been creating unique and original pieces of jewelry since 1997. Mariana’s jewelry is famous all over the world. Her naive colorfulness and her flawless interfusion between old and new, fabric and stone, material and spirit is visible in every one of her jewels. It is the foundation; the heart and the core of her creation.

Mariana’s jewelry is gold and silver plated, made with: gem stones – (special hand cut), hand made crystals and fabric beads combined with Swarovski crystals, some of them antique. All Mariana jewelry is nickel free (not inclluding yellow gold-mat finish). Each and every item in hand crafted in Israel. The best part of all, is all of her jewelry has a lifetime unconditional guarantee.

The amazing brilliant colors and designs seem endless. When asked how she continues to come up with these beautiful creations Mariana says, “The love for my husband and children fuels the endless energy I have to create my jewelry.”

One of my absolute favorites is her Guardian angel crystal pendant. With Swarovski crystals on the front and and angel on the back, what a perfect gift for any lady, young or old. There are many differct crystal combinations and colors to choose from. Very special.

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One of the key elements of human nature is the search for explanations to life’s mysteries. Since most of these mysteries cannot be answered, we choose to use symbols to represent our curiosities.

Mariana chose a small assortment of these symbols and integrated them in her various designs.

Heart – The heart symbolizes power, love, openness, giving and acceptance. It is a source of joy and compassion.


Flowers – In every culture around the world, flowers hold a special place in people’s hearts and lives. A flower’s bud symbolizes the creation of new life. Flowers are omnipresent, the decorate temples, churches, synagogues, as well as jewelry, furniture, clothes and more. Flowers are the universal symbols of beauty, esthetics and growth.


Fish – Symbolizes fertility, blessing and success.


There is also gem stone and crystal healing, meanings.

Amethyst – Tranquility, Protection, Healing, and relief from a headache.

Rose Quartz – Love

Gold Tiger Eye – Balance between body and soul

Onyx – Release negativity, Protection and Healing

Coral – Harmony to the heart

I could go on and on. There are so many different stones and crystals. I find all of this so fascinating. I think it takes a special person with a lot of heart to combine these symbols, gems and crystals in way to make the person on the receiving end feel as special as you will once you own your first piece of Mariana jewelry.

Remember free shipping and anything can be custom ordered.

Visit Mariana jewelry now at

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