Sergio Gutierrez’s Liquid Metal

sergio gutierrez

One of favorite fashion jewelry designers is Sergio Gutierrez of Liquid Metal Jewelry.

Sergio Gutierrez was born in Columbia where he studied electronic engineering.

Sergio developed a patented technique for creating a wearable metal mesh from ball chain. This was the origin of the LIQUID METAL COLLECTION. His first design was a silky line of bracelets. They were an immediate success due to their innovative designs and uniquely sensuous experience of soft metal on skin. He added rings and earrings and then evolved in to skirts, vests and entire dresses without losing their distinctive ball chain appearance.

Liquid Metal Jewelry 008

Liquid Metal at

Liquid Metal at

Liquid Metal Jewelry 005

His beautiful designer jewelry comes in three stunning finishes. Nickel, antique silver and black chrome. The bracelets can be ordered in 1/2″ increments.

Liquid Metal is worn by celebrities such as Demi Moore, Cher, Patricia, Wettig, Sara Michelle Gellar, Tyra Banks and many more. I promise you will feel like a star when you wear Liquid Metal jewelry.

If you don’t see what you want on, it can be custom ordered.

Start your personal Liquid Metal Collection at today!

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Liquid Metal at

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