Let me introduce you to a fabulous on


Let me introduce you to a fabulous on line designer jewelry store… ilovethatgift.com.

Following is just a sample of the wonderful designer lines on ilovethatgift:

B 10 Detail2B77 1  Sergio Gutierrez Liquid Metal







all 3 Simon Sebbag

kjl headerKenneth Jay Lane

Susan Shaw
La Contessa – Mary DeMarco
La Vie Parisienne

The creator of ilovethatgift.com is Leslie Rosenberg

Leslie and her husband have four children and sixteen grandchildren.

Leslie’s business background is in corporate America. She managed a credit card processing company in MD with more than 3000 employees.

After retiring from this zany world, she went back to school for graphic design. While now running a successful graphic design business, she started to sell baby products on line. With 16 grandchildren, it is much smarter to buy baby products wholesale.

However, baby blankets and onesies tend to take up a lot of room to store. Guess what takes up less room and sparkles as a bonus? Beautiful fashion jewelry…

ilovethatgift.com is born. An on line store of incredible designer costume jewelry to fit any and every woman’s style.  You will find treasures from silver to gold, bold and colorful, as well as delicate to strong statement pieces.

Why is it called ilovethatgift? Because that is what Leslie hopes every person says every time they receive their jewelry in the mail.

Visit ilovethatgift.com and see the wonders for yourself.


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